Packages Offered

Below are our standard packages. Packages from “I Know What I Like” through to the "Kitchen Sink" include up to two people in the shoot. We can most certainly accommodate shoots of larger groups of people. Just email us with what you have in mind and we’ll gladly provide you with a quote. Likewise, if you want enlarged prints from your shoot, we can certainly provide you with a quote for those as well.

I Want Your Sext-$350
This is the most basic package offered. This is a two hour photo shoot within SF/OAK city limits (will shoot outside of these areas but travel costs will be incurred) that results in 20 low-res images for you to sext to whomever you choose. Let’s face it, the good erotic selfie is not an easy thing to capture and capture well. Especially if your recipient happens to be an ass-lover. Even with a self-timer or a freakishly long arm, that’s still a hard shot to get. We’re here to help. And who doesn't like being on the receiving end of a good sext? If you're running for public office or a professional quarterback and you're going to get caught with naked photos in your phone, they might as well be hot and flattering.

It’s My First Time-$500
It’s okay, you’re a little nervous. You’ve never done this before. Taken your clothes off in front of a stranger’s camera before, that is. And, while you really like the person who’s going to receive these images, you’re smart enough to know that if you invest in the basic entry level package, that they’re going to buy you the "Everything And The Kitchen Sink" package for your second shoot. This package includes a two hour shoot at a single location of your choosing within the immediate SF Bay Area that results in 10 hi-res images retouched and placed on a thumb drive for you to print and repurpose to your hearts desire.

I Wanna Do It In Two Places-$750
This is essentially the same your "First Time" (see above), only we extend things an hour and shoot in not one but two locations of your choosing, resulting in a total of 15 hi-res images retouched and placed on a thumb drive.

I Know What I Like-$1000
Maybe you’ve been in front of a camera before or you just know exactly what you want and you’re confident that you can pull it off in under four hours. This shoot can take place in up to three different locations and in as many outfits (of sorts) as you feel confident in being able to pull off in that time frame. At the end of the day, this four hour shoot will result in 20 hi res images retouched and placed on a thumb drive in addition to your own custom one of a kind book with 12-15 images to gift to whoever is worthy enough to see you in your birthday suit.

I Want A Production, Darling-$2500
You, too, know what you like. And you’ll get it. You get everything above in addition to complete on-site hair and make-up and the perfect hotel room in San Francisco as one of your locations. In addition, your book will have a total of 20 pages and your thumb drive will have 25 hi res images retouched and ready to share.

Everything And The Kitchen Sink-$5000
This is everything, darling. This is a full day of shooting (up to ten hours) in as many outfits and locations within driving distance as you’d like. This also includes shooting in an upscale hotel room or apartment in San Francisco with complete hair & make-up in addition to styling and wardrobe assistance. If you want to be on the beach, in the redwoods, sprawled out across a California king or, yes, on the kitchen sink, we got you. You will be given up to 35 retouched images, an additional 40 unedited images and a 30 page book to make someone’s year or simply to gaze at and recognize just how fabulous you are. You'll also be well fed during the day and pampered to your hearts desire.