""Matt was an absolute pleasure to work with...From our first discussion through to the photo shoot, I felt completely comfortable and safe with him.   It was a first experience for me - to have an almost stranger taking naked photos of me - but I knew intuitively that Matt was the guy for the job and I am very happy that I trusted my gut.  I get the sense that Matt truly loves women, ALL women, and you can tell that he has the utmost respect for them and feels honored to be a part of such an intimate process with his clients."       -Molly, Oakland

"Working with Matt seems to reach beyond "just" a photographic experience. The first time I was photographed by him, a series of synchronicities lined up almost instantly and within days he was at my front door, camera in hand. As a long time fan of his work, this was actually a dream come true. But once we began shooting, I realized I wasn't just getting photos, I was making a (lifelong) friend, and I was being seen by someone who uses an instrument of the eye to capture images of the heart. Aside from it being an absolute joy to shoot with Matt (think sunlight, laughter, and good company), the photographs he creates make me feel beautiful, they take my breath away, and they make me feel like I am part of an important artistic moment in this time and place in history. Matt and his art (and heart) are solid gold."   -Sadie Rose, Paradise

"No airbrushing, no glamor shots.  Matt's photos are as raw and edgy as they come, and just as real and honest--all without losing any points on aesthetics.  I still wet my panties every time i revisit them (and still can't believe it was me in those photos), and they never fail to give my significant other a big stiffy!!  How it all happened in such a brief time is something I like to attribute to his "magic" - the singular combination of talent, skills, and presence.  Matt is warm, friendly, and unassuming; always very approving and ever respectful.  The best part about my shoot with him: i came out the other end feeling like a million dollar--that i'm THAT woman and then some!!"  -Jasmine, Napa

"I mean: how do you prepare yourself to get comfortable? Well... you don't. Not really. How could you possibly do that on your own? The thing is, when it came to working with Matt, I didn't have to worry about all that--he made it easy for me. Standing in front of his lens, I found that slipping into a relaxed, confident version of myself was effortless. And I'm certain that my ability to appreciate my own beauty and to feel perfect in my skin came very much from Matt's genuine presence, patience and encouragement. When you work with Matt, two things become very clear very quickly: his innate skill as a photographer and his sincere admiration for women and the things that make them unique." -Annette, San Francisco

"Matt was recruiting women for "This Shirt" and I was into posing, yet had never been photographed nearly naked, so was really hesitant.  In my head I kept thinking, "oh, I should just work out more and drop a couple pounds and then I'll be ready" but that never happened.  I was riding my bike home from work and was hit by a car and thrown from my bike.  I was lucky and walked away with a huge hematoma on my butt and scrapes and bruises.  Agreeing to pose for Matt came at a sensitive time for me as my butt was still misshapen from this accident.  I was unable to exercise because of the bike/car accident and felt flabby and out of shape.  I realized that despite my confidence and knowledge that I was awesome, like many women, I too had these twisted thoughts about my body that I just needed to do [fill in the blank] before I'd be acceptable; I do not feel this way now and Matt had a major role in my shift in self appraisal.  Matt came over one morning before work and it was a transformative experience for me. I don't think he even realizes it.  Given my body thoughts, my recent accident and altered butt, I was so nervous.  He came to my house, where I'm most comfortable, and I was immediately at ease.  Almost giddy.  Matt knows how to make people comfortable, it's a fact.  I know I don't need to look externally for reaffirmation that I'm awesome, but having Matt so close to my nearly naked body and feeling no sexual awkwardness or tension and being told over and over how perfect I was was a good goddamn experience!  My body is strong and beautiful and perfect exactly as it is.  Period.  Matt helped me on my path to realizing this." -Michelle, San Francisco

"The gorgeous artwork that Matt creates is just as much about the comfort and ease he has with his subjects as the subject themselves. I instantly felt at home with Matt and never had any hesitations working with him in such an intimate setting. I have since told as many woman that I can about how empowering it is to have beautiful nude photographs of yourself (whether you keep them to yourself or share then with the world!) and that the person they need to go to is Matt to make that happen. -Alyssa, Santa Rosa